Awning Brackets

The Crocodilla Brackets are so flexible in design they are compatible with every awning system in daily use in the United Kingdom Today.

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  • Awning Brackets from Crocodilla - 60 Years of Metal Fabrication
  • Awning Brackets for gutter obstructions
  • Front Fix Side Mount Awning Brackets
  • Awning Brackets used to mount awning over patio
  • Awning Brackets and Awning Covers

We are the market leaders in providing solutions for fixing and fitting problems for Awnings.

With over 60 years’ experience in metal fabrication, this family owned company has helped both the trade and general public to overcome many installation problems. You can be sure that whatever problem you are facing with the mounting of an awning, Crocodilla will have the solution with either a ready-made awning bracket design or a custom made solution.



Our ready made awning brackets include;


Special brackets

All installation brackets are designed to provide additional functionality for the installer to provide a safe installation. Our range of brackets should be thought of as a kit bag of options to help install awnings upon customer’s properties where no obvious solution exists.

They are modular in design , in as much as that they follow the same safe and independently tested principal and can be scaled up to overcome differing installation problems – more on this as each bracket is described, click brackets to see the selection awning bracket solutions.

Unexpected Installation Challenges

We have tried to cover all aspects of installation, but the very nature of the subject can provide unexpected challenges, should this be the case and you are presented with a situation you are unfamiliar with, don’t worry, take a photograph and submit to us at whereupon we shall be only too happy to give our advice.

...An invaluable service, highly recommended. We've used Crocodilla time and time again, they can always solve an awning bracket problem....


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Working with Power Tools

Working at Height

Lifting Heavy Loads


awning lifter for commercial use from Crocodilla